New Partnership with Austin Seminary

Newbigin House is pleased to announce a new partnership with Austin Theological Seminary. In the rapidly changing landscape of theological education, many institutions are experimenting with new models. At Newbigin House, we are focusing on innovative partnerships that help students deepen their commitment to the local communities in which they are already doing meaningful work. We seek to do this by working with seminaries to build on their strengths through a supplemental but vital program of contextualized learning.
Peter Choi, Director of Academic Programs at Newbigin House, pointed out the expanding geographical advantage to students: “The partnership opens up exciting possibilities in a new part of the country for Newbigin House. We are especially grateful that our students will have an accelerated path to study at Austin Seminary with its highly distinguished faculty.”
In 2016, Austin topped the Forbes’ “Cities of the Future” list, and it was #1 on “Next Biggest Boom Town in the U.S.” list in 2017. In such a dynamic urban context, Austin Seminary has a long history of providing excellent theological education, with students from a wide range of denominations, age groups, geographical areas, educational backgrounds, cultural heritages, and theological perspectives.
Academic Dean at Austin Seminary, David Jensen, shared his enthusiasm for the new partnership: “Austin Seminary is excited to partner with Newbigin House and its innovative model of theological education. As an urban seminary in the Texas-Mexico borderlands, we believe our location complements the work of Newbigin House as we explore together what it means to live the Christian faith in a multicultural context. We look forward to this deepening relationship!”
Under the new partnership, students who complete course work at Newbigin House will be eligible for advanced standing at Austin Seminary. Current students enrolled at Austin Seminary will also be able to take NHS courses, adding breadth and depth to their curricular options.

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