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Summer 2016 Update

This past July we held our third annual Lesslie Newbigin Summer Institute at Cambridge University. 40 people gathering to punt the Cam, enjoy an afternoon Pimm’s Cup, and dive deep into the legacy of Lesslie Newbigin. The topic was “The Adventure of Knowing,” an exploration of the question, “how do we really know the gospel […]

Wilberforce and Newbigin

by Daniel Kirk Used with permission. Originally posted here. This academic year I am serving as Pastoral Director for the Newbigin House of Studies Fellows Program. This is the first in a year-long series of posts in which I will be blogging about the reading that the Fellows are engaging together. You can read more about the Fellows Program here. If you’ve ever […]

Meet Daniel Kirk

We are thrilled to welcome Daniel Kirk as the new Newbigin Fellowship Pastoral Director for San Francisco. “How do you describe Newbigin House to people who have never heard of it before?” That was my question to Scot Sherman, Executive Director of Newbigin House of Studies, across the lunch table. He said something eloquent about being a […]

Silence and Beauty: A Conversation with Makoto Fujimura

by guest writer, Laura Turner Makoto Fujimura is one of the best and most prominent Christian artists of our day. Born in Boston in 1960, he spent many of his formative years in Japan, then back in the states for college, and back to Japan for graduate school. In school, he studied the ancient Japanese […]