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[title style=”bold_center” text=”FOR LAY PERSONS”]

The Newbigin Fellowship is a 9-month training program that provides a theological, spiritual, personal, and relational framework for wise integration of faith, work, and life.

This is a program designed to train women and men for meaningful engagement with the intellectual, social, and spiritual needs of urban centers like San Francisco.

The Newbigin Fellowship will help you become an agent of transformation through biblical and theological formation, spirituality and practice, and relational connection.


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[title style=”bold_center” text=”For Ministry Leaders”]

The Ministry Fellowship is a 9-month learning experience that offers theological formation for exploring the spiritual, public, and missional dimensions of Christian witness.

We invite leaders to bring the resources of the Christian tradition to bear on the most vexing questions and fecund opportunities for living in the way of Jesus today.

The Ministry Fellowship is for those who are looking for sustaining peer relationships, continuing theological education, and a more expansive vision of Christian ministry.