• 1 Lesson

    Christianity and Race in America

    This course explores the tangled history of Christianity and race in America. It examines how empire-building, migration, slavery, abolition, racialization, and other features of European expansion impacted the development of Christianity in North America. We will pay special attention to Native American and African-American voices in the Atlantic world as well as Asian and Asian-American perspectives in the Pacific world to study the multicultural dimensions of American Christianity. Along the way, participants will learn how historical inquiry can shape Christian witness that aspires toward the common good.
  • 6 Lessons

    Missional Theology

    This course invites students to the work of reimagining Christian witness in a changing culture. We will explore the key components of a missional ecclesiology for the city with implications for preaching, worship, spiritual formation, and discipleship. A close reading of the book of Acts will provide the basis for deeper reflection on the importance of ministry in local contexts as we explore Christian faith and witness from a variety of cultural perspectives. The course concludes by considering the significance of Christianity as a world religion for people in every nation. Along the way, we will wrestle with questions like: What is the good news of Jesus we commend to our neighbors? And what might a life of spiritual flourishing in the world, for the world look like?
  • 12 Lessons

    Newbigin Fellowship

    A nine-month intensive training program that provides a theological, spiritual, personal, and relational framework for wise integration of faith, work, and life in a progressive Christian context.

    Weekly: Fellows are assigned to a cohort of 6-8 people with 2-3 Newbigin Fellowship alumni leaders. Cohorts meet weekly to discuss weekly readings and/or videos and podcasts. Click here to view a sample month of curriculum.

    Monthly: Six Saturday events, which may include city excursions, in-depth personal engagement through personality inventories and spiritually formative experiences, interaction with a noted thinker/writer, and more. All Saturday events last from 9:00am to 3:00pm unless otherwise noted. Below is the 2018-2019 schedule, we are still finalizing some of the dates and will be updating this page accordingly.

    • October The Enneagram with Kirsten Oates
    • November The Bible as Narrative with Dr. Daniel Kirk
    • December Faith + Work with TBD
    • February Relationships & Sexuality with Dr. Scott MacDougall
    • March Social Justice with Ben McBride
    • April Faith & Science with Dr. Jeffrey Schloss
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    Spiritual Theology

    This course provides an introduction to spiritual theology in order to help participants develop spiritual and theological wisdom for life with God. Another major aim of the course is to provide a vision of spiritual formation to which those in Christian ministry might invite others. We will explore the history and theology of spiritual practices, gain proficiency in contemplative prayer and praying the daily office, and engage in devotional and spiritual readings of Scripture. The course will also draw on a wide range of interdisciplinary sources for developing spiritual awareness, like ethnographic observation, the Enneagram, and reading poetry and fiction.