Flourishing in Ministry

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Flourishing in Ministry

A Colloquy for Pastors   |   January 11-12, 2017

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[title text=”What Does Flourishing Look Like for Pastors?” style=”bold”]

Eugene Peterson has described the Christian life as a long obedience in the same direction. And yet our actual experience is often more like a long wandering in multiple directions. Given the challenges pastors encounter in their lives of service, what does true flourishing look like? This loaded question raises a host of others:

  • What are the key convictions and practices that make for effective, flourishing ministry?
  • What does lifelong spiritual formation look like for pastors?
  • What does it look like for pastors to tend to their inner journey as well as their public, pastoral role?
  • How can pastors navigate the bewildering array of questions relating to faith, work, and technology?
  • How does robust missional engagement contribute to pastoral flourishing?

At Newbigin House we are interested in pursuing answers to these important questions collaboratively by hosting a forum for shared conversation and reflection together.

We warmly invite you to join special guest Miroslav Volf along with Newbigin Faculty and Senior Fellows as we explore tools and resources for a long journey with God in pastoral ministry.

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[title text=”Schedule” style=”bold”]
Wednesday, January 11
1:30pm / Welcome & Introduction (Kevin Adams)
2:00pm / Opening Session 1 – “A Very Big Gospel for the Work of a Lifetime” (Daniel Kirk)
3:30pm / Opening Session 2 – “Navigating Conflict: Insights from Rene Girard” (Scot Sherman)
7:00pm / “Dynamic Theology for a Fast-Changing World” (Paul Weston & Jason Sexton)
Thursday, January 12
9:00am / Morning Worship (Kevin Adams, Karl Digerness)
10:00am / Seminar 1 – “Theological Elasticity: Agile Anchors in a Shifting Reality” (Fred Harrell)
11:30am / Seminar 2 – “Mountains, Valleys, and Plains: A Spiritual Topography” (Peter Choi)
2:00pm / Seminar 3 – “The Interconnection of Faith and Technology” (Alana Ackerson)
3:30pm / Seminar 4 – “Keeping Body and Soul Together” (Paul Weston)
5:00pm / Dinner and Q&A with Miroslav Volf
7:00pm / A Conversation with Miroslav Volf
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[title text=”Event Details” style=”bold”]

  • WHEN: Jan 11 (1:30pm) – Jan 12 (9pm), 2017
  • WHERE: 1388 Sutter St., Suite 412, San Francisco
  • COST: $70 (early registration, by November 30); $90 (regular, after November 30)

Travel Details. Availability at the hotels we normally partner with (i.e., Hotel Carlton, The Queen Anne, Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, etc.) is limited due to a major conference being held in San Francisco starting the week of January 9. We recommend utilizing the websites listed below to make arrangements as well as considering accommodations near the airport, in Oakland, Berkeley, or Emeryville. Please be advised that reservations should be made soon due to limited availability.
www.sftravel.com (scroll down to “Search Hotels”)
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[title text=”Featured Authors” style=”bold”]
the-end-of-theologyJason Sexton and Paul Weston, editors, The End of Theology: Shaping Theology for the Sake of Mission (Fortress, 2016). This edited volume generates a discussion of the nature of theology and how it is most meaningfully constructed to offer a truly interdisciplinary perspective on theology and mission. The editors, Sexton and Weston, will share their reflections on how a robust missiological perspective can serve to bolster pastoral identity and Christian witness.
flourishing-volfMiroslav Volf, Flourishing: Why We Need Religion in a Globalized World (Yale, 2016). This wise, perceptive book invites careful reflection on globalization and religious pluralism as an integral part of human flourishing. Pastoral ministry must grapple with the complex realities of our world in order to discover authentic pathways to flourishing, and there is no better guide than Volf to navigate these deep waters. Our time together will conclude with a Conversation for the Common Good with Miroslav Volf.[gap height=”30px”]