Seminary | Academic Track

Considering Seminary?

Join the Academic Track of the Faith + Justice Fellowship. It’s a part-time, cohort-based, distance learning pre-seminary program you can do from anywhere in the world.  


A Year of Discernment

The Faith + Justice Fellowship equips you for the way of Jesus and the work of justice. The academic track enables you to engage in seminary course work and get advanced standing if you decide to continue on to a master’s degree program.

Participants desiring seminary credit go through the Academic Track of the Faith + Justice Fellowship. They will share the core curriculum of the fellowship but have additional study components enabling them to receive twelve credits of graduate level study. Students will have the benefit of participating in the larger fellows community while also enjoying a smaller cohort experience. 

To learn more about the Faith + Justice Fellowship, please click here. Or if you have other questions, please contact us via email at

Distance Learning

Thanks to our innovative use of online educational technology, you can do the fellowship from anywhere in the world. There are optional face-to-face intensives over the course of the year. 

Time Commitment

Learning activities involve varying lengths of time for different individuals, depending on their learning styles. On average, participants should plan to spend 3-5 hours reading + 1-3 hours in reflection/discussion each week. For seminary credit, students should plan on an additional 12-14 hours per week of formal assignments. 

Advanced Standing

Students who complete the Academic Track of the Faith and Justice Fellowship may apply for advanced standing at the following partner seminaries:

Upon satisfactory review of student portfolios by the partner seminaries, students will receive advanced standing with credit toward an M.Div. or M.A. program.

Students who wish to take the courses as a standalone program will receive a Certificate in Public Theology upon completion of the Newbigin Fellowship – Academic Track. The certificate program is especially well-suited for non-ordained church leadership positions.

Placement Record

Our students have continued to masters and PhD programs at seminaries like Fuller, Luther, Pittsburgh, Princeton, Wesley, and Western (Michigan). 

Tuition & Financial Aid

The Academic Track of the Newbigin Fellowship is comprised of two courses (3 units each). Total tuition for the year is $2400 ($400/credit). 

Elective courses on various topics are ordinarily available in the summer. 

Financial aid is available and there is a place on the application form for indicating need. 

Application Process

To apply, complete the application for The Newbigin Fellowship and select the “Academic Track.” 

Important Dates
– Early Deadline: June 15
– Regular Deadline: July 15

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