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Conversations for the Common Good

Lectures, performances, and onstage conversations with writers, artists, musicians, and leading thinkers

Guests are asked to articulate the important ideas and relevant viewpoints that inform their work and creative process. 

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Previous guest lecturers include Barbara Brown Taylor, Van Jones, Lisa Sharon Harper, Tony Hale, Philip Yancey, Miraslov Volf, Sara Miles, and more.

Audio recordings and Photos from previous events.

Also, check out the archive of Scot interviews at City Church San Francisco with leading thinkers including N.T. Wright, Miroslav Volf, Christopher Wright, Lauren Winner, Barbara Bradley-Haggerty, Jim Wallis, and more.

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Lesslie Newbigin Summer Institute

An annual conference exploring Leslie Newbigin’s writings as they inform the work of ministry today

We are privileged to partner with the Newbigin Centre in hosting this conference, which is held each year at one of the colleges of Cambridge University. 

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Previous guest lecturers include N.T. Wright, Rowan Williams, Richard Mouw, James K.A. Smith and Claire Foster-Gilbert.

Resources, photos, and audio recordings from previous institutes:

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Ministry for the Common Good

An annual gathering of ministry leaders around some of today’s most pertinent questions.

Explore questions like: What does Christian service for the common good look like? How can ministry leaders love the world as God loved the world? What do we need to know and do in order to seek peace in our contexts? Join us and other ministry leaders as we consider these important questions together.

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Previous guest speakers include Miroslav Volf, Lisa Sharon Harper, Ben McBride, Soong-Chan Rah, Yolanda Norton, Daniel Lee, and many others. 

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